Latest Videos 20/21

I haven’t been travelling for a couple of years so more time to relax and make videos of songs from Music Afternoons and past recordings. Hope you enjoy them.

Om Guru Deva

An original song that came when Dorthe and I were living in her apartment in Spandet, Denmark (near Ribe). We recorded it as we learnt how it went. A quiet and meditative mantra “Om Guru Deva – Narayana.”

Till Stars Burn Bright

Heartsong in rehearsal, January 2021. Singing “Till Stars Burn Bright’. Very first time we played it. Sharing it in its infancy. Looking forward to how we can develop our music over the coming years. Beautiful lyrics by Chandra Easton and music by Arjuna Govinda.

‘Buddha’s Tears’

Lyrics by Chandra Easton (of Another recording from our Music Afternoon with ‘Heartsong’ in Hepburn Springs Dec. 2019.

‘As One’

A song by Denean sung by Arjuna Govinda (with permission).

‘Let Us Sing’

A song by Inger Marie Møller (lyrics) and Arjuna Govinda (music). Sung here by Arjuna, live, recorded around March/April 2015 in Melbourne, Australia. “Let us sing the song of life.”

‘Return to Eire’

A song by Chandra Easton (lyrics) and Arjuna Govinda (music) – sung here in concert at The Hill of Tara in Ireland in 2014. Arjuna Govinda on lead vocals and rhythm guitar and Lawrence Lindhardt Christensen on lead guitar and supporting vocals. The first time it was ever played in public, at a concert organised by our dear friend Niall O’Sullivan.

‘Jai Sita Ram’

Another recording from our Music Afternoon with ‘Heartsong’ in Hepburn Springs Dec. 2019. Shown here with a video about Arjuna’s Art & Music.

“In the Still of the Night’

Recorded around October 2019. A song from the Amma Ashram.

‘Blessed Union’

From a music afternoon concert we did at David and Catherines (Hepburn Springs, Australia) Dec. 2019. A beautiful song that has taken me nearly 20 years to get right. The tune came many moons ago but it keep asking for more refinement before I felt confident to sing it fully. One of my favourite songs now. Here in concert with Per on drums and David and Dorthe.

‘Ram Sri Ram’

This is a song that came to me just minutes after I thought it might be nice to have a new mantra to sing. Walking down a road next to the cornfields in Spannet in Jutland, Denmark. Suddenly I was singing this song which transformed a bit after getting home and putting guitar with it. I enjoyed singing it as I travelled Scandinavia and again at home in Australia. This version was recorded in concert in Esbjerg, Denmark (Oct. 2017) with a dear friend, Lawrence Lindhardt Christensen and, my beloved wife, Dorthe Klar.

A dramatic version with a lively video.

‘Light of Your Grace’

This is a song we heard on the Mooji channel – traditional lyrics from the Gyatri Mantra and extra (English) lyrics and tune written by Sam Garret. A beautiful song that we couldn’t help but improvise on while staying at home in (Covid) retreat in April 2020. Hoping that it brings you cheer. A beautiful devotional song.