L to R : Per, David, Arjuna, Dorthe – Dec 2019
L to R : Per, David, Lawrence, Arjuna – April 2014
Lawrence Lindhardt Christensen

Lawrence Lindhardt Christensen

Heartsong (2013-2016) was the blending of Lawrence Lindhardt Christensen, Arjuna Govinda  and David Mandara – three songwriters, three musicians and three distinctive voices. Lawrence visited Australia from Denmark on two occasions, making music with David and Arjuna for several months at a time. These were very rich meetings and we enjoyed creating music with audiences of dear friends and locals. Lawrence also travelled with Arjuna making concerts up the east coast of Australia and also in Denmark, Iceland, Ireland and Norway as ‘Lawrence @ Arjuna.’

David Mandara

David Mandara

David, Lawrence & Arjuna ~ Together we offered an eclectic mix of original devotional songs encompassing a variety of spiritual traditions – from Buddhism to Hinduism to Christian Spirituality to Sufism to Native American and beyond. Many of these songs are available here as YouTube videos and others as audio tracks.

Arjuna (Greg Govinda)

Arjuna Govinda

‘Heartsong’ blended ancient mantras with contemporary melodies to create musical prayers to uplift the spirits. Heartsong concerts evoke joy, inner peace and the energy of transformation. In summary, Heartsong is all about songs of the heart.

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Heartsong (present day), as the name suggests, presents devotional songs of the heart – original compositions to engage soul and spirit, inspired by the ancient wisdom teachings and mystery schools of the past and present.

Heartsong draws upon many spiritual traditions, from Theosophy to Buddhism to Hinduism to Christian Spirituality to Sufism to Native American and beyond.

Our songs are dedicated to the Divine, with invocations to ascended beings such as the Buddha and the Christ, the great lady masters such as Quan Yin, Lady Mary and Lady Portia, and to mighty archangels and cosmic beings like Archangel Michael.

Our repertoire also incorporates traditional healing and devotional mantras in Sanskrit drawn from the Vedas, such the Mahamrityumjaya Mantra, the great healing mantra. These, along with mantras to the Divine from other traditions of the distant past, are set to contemporary melodies that aim to reflect the sublime beauty of the texts.

Heartsong (present day) is the amalgamation of David Mandara, Arjuna Govinda and Dorthe Klar Berg who live in Daylesford, Victoria. We also appreciate being joined by Per Bernard on drums. Perhaps one day we can again be joined by our dear brother-in spirit and Lawrence Lindhardt Christensen who resides in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Arjuna, David, Dorthe and Lawrence are songwriters, musicians and singers, all contributing original songs to each concert event.

A Heartsong concert is a meditative and healing experience where participants and the energy they bring contributes to the sense of peace, wonder and upliftment.

For information on concert events go to musicheartjourney.com or email arjunagovinda@icloud.com

Per on Drums

Per Bernard on drums

Dorthe Klar, vocals and guitar

Dorthe Klar Berg