Memoir – Towards the Lion

Towards the Lion

At 23, Arjuna Govinda’s health collapsed and his chosen career abruptly ended. The author saw this as a sign to search for insight into the human condition and connect with his true inner self. Arjuna faced various challenges and tests along the way as he sought meaning and purpose in a complex world.

Towards The Lion is the autobiographical account of one man’s quest for love, light and inner peace. The author shares the unusual path his passion for learning led him on, and his mystical connection seeking joy in life. Arjuna gives an honest look at the many blessings and challenges of the spiritual path.

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A heartfelt journey towards healing the self. This biographical book will appeal to those seeking the Light in the midst of the life on earth. (CE, Nov 2015)

This true life story touched my heart and brings hope and understanding! I found the author’s self-revelation refreshing in recounting of his challenges, pain, wandering, and finally peace and understanding of his challenging life. His courage shines through, along with his relentless pursuit of truth and knowledge through personal experience and growth. This is a good read for anyone interested in the real human condition on this planet, and how to overcome adversity and the misinformation of much of over-strict social conditioning. (RB, Dec 2015)