‘Heartbeat’ CD

Heartbeat by Arjuna Govinda

01 Ganga Ki Jai Jai (6:27)
02 In the Vastness of Your Grace (5.00)
03 Om Guru Deva (6:53)
04 Holy Mother (6:26)
05 Earth’s Child (5:18)
06 Om Mani Padme Hum (11:10)
07 One Heart, One Earth (11:39)

Recorded in Amsterdam at conclusion of Australia & Europe Tour 2014 with Lawrence Lindhardt Christensen. Co-produced and keyboards with Benjamin de Murashkin.

Arjuna and Lawrence, Helsingor, Denmark 2014

Arjuna and Lawrence, Helsingor, Denmark 2014


Music to take you on a journey into the heart, where deep peace and inner joy reside. Into the realm where Spirit inspires, heals and uplifts. Music to remind us that life is sacred.

Listen here 🙂

Ganga Ki Jai Jai

OM Mani Padme Hum