‘Music Heart Journey’ is about a journey of the heart – involving music, videos, travel and celebration.

Arjuna Govinda, Denmark 2016

Music that opens the heart

– and resonates with Spirit.

Music that captures the heart, making one feel something

– of the joy that is natural
– to our true being.

Music of the Heart

– that aims to be honest in
its expression.

– that reminds us to open to Love, and grateful of the gift in being.


– that support hope

– and keeping the heart-flame alight.


Arjuna travels the world, sharing his love of learning, singing and sharing with people of heart. When he is not travelling, he lives in the peaceful countryside town of Daylesford in Victoria, Australia.

Arjuna enjoys expressing his heart and spirit through songs that are sacred, uplifting, or expressing love and joy. He uses music as a means to sharing his appreciation for existence, consciousness and Bliss.

He can be contacted via email at


Ahhh … (a quote that inspires me)

“We’re all travelling through time together – every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best, to relish this remarkable ride.”…

“I just try to live everyday as if I’ve come back for this one day. To enjoy it as if it was the full, final day of my extraordinary, ordinary life.” …

(quote by Richard Curtis from movie “About Time”)