Arjuna, Iceland 2013

Arjuna, Iceland 2013

Dear friends, welcome to Music Heart Journey.

This site is to share with you a journey – from my heart – in music, song and celebration of life.

The site will be a portal for music downloads, concert information and other heart-felt links.

Latest addition is ‘For Listening‘ page – link to many songs on video.

May this moment be sacred and beautiful, for you.

Namaste, Arjuna Govinda

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New Studio CD

Studio CD

Studio CD  
‘Heartbeat’ comes out of a year of music. A journey of many miles, travelling through Australia, into the sacred desert at Uluru and along the East coast, then through Barcelona en route to Denmark, Iceland and Ireland. The journey’s completion, recording in Amsterdam.



“Towards the Lion” – a Memoir by Arjuna Govinda

At 23, Arjuna’s health collapsed and his chosen career abruptly ended. The author saw this as a sign to search for insight into the human condition and connect with his true inner self.

Towards The Lion is the autobiographical account of one man’s quest for love, light and inner peace. The author shares the unusual path his passion for learning led him on, and his mystical connection seeking joy in life. Arjuna gives an honest look at the many blessings and challenges of his spiritual path.

Purchase from Amazon $11.00 USD

A Poem / commentary

Videoed on the island of Fanø, off the west coast of Denmark